icons-strategicicons-strategic-hoverStrategic Counsel and Messaging

Effective, results-producing public relations starts with creating the right strategy and then determining the best messages and audiences. We do that for our clients. We start with understanding their specific needs and issues and then creating customized programs to address them. We are partners with our clients every step of the way, 24/7, providing counsel and analysis and implementing public relations and communications campaigns that deliver measurable results.


icons-news-hoverMedia Relations

Media relations is an essential method of generating awareness, and we are experts in media relations and publicity. From national to local media, print to broadcast, consumer to business or trade media, traditional or online media, our media relations expertise, ability to develop targeted story angles, press materials, and interview opportunities, and our key media relationships enable us to generate buzz and visibility for our clients.


icons-strategicicons-strategic-hoverSocial Media

Social media, online presences, influencer engagement. We leverage the power and conversation of social channels to ensure our clients reach key targets on social media. Our work includes determining the channels to engage audiences, identifying and engaging key influencers, creating online conversations and engagement, developing meaningful and creative content, and participating in the conversation to ensure connections are made, value propositions heard, and relationships built.


icons-strategicicons-strategic-hoverCorporate Communications/Thought Leadership

Positioning companies, organizations, and their leaders as authorities and showcasing their thought leadership is our expertise. From internal communications programs, member relations campaigns, industry visibility initiatives, speaking engagements, written opinion pieces, blogs or podcasts, and more, we develop content and tools to leverage the platforms best able to demonstrate and communicate our clients’ expertise in front of their key constituents.


icons-strategicicons-strategic-hoverCommunity/Industry Relations and Engagement

We help our clients determine and engage key constituents in their communities and industries with meaningful messaging and programming. Whether on a national scale, in a local community or in a vertical industry, we help our clients indentify the right partnership and participation opportunities – from trade shows to conferences to partnerships programs supporting CSR missions and special events – and then manage all facets of the relationships to ensure they meet our clients’ objectives and deliver results.


icons-strategicicons-strategic-hoverReputation Management and Crisis Communications

Reputation is how others perceive you. We help create and manage our clients’ reputations in today’s 2/47 connected world. In the instances where a unforeseen situations arise, we are ready and able to implement crisis communications plans that protect clients’ brands, market leadership, and reputations. We are proud to have won the Public Relations Society of America’s prestigious Silver Anvil Award for Crisis Communications.


icons-strategicicons-strategic-hoverProduct and Service Launches

Introducing a new product or service? Entering a new market? Expanding your line of services? When our clients launch a new product, service, or enter a new marketplace, we ensure their debut is impactful and its news reaches key audiences, media, influencers, and targeted users.


icons-strategicicons-strategic-hoverWebsites and Content Creation

Story-telling is important, and we help our clients tell their stories. From writing editorial content to producing visual content for websites, blogs, online channels, newsletters, email campaigns, and more, we write copy and develop content that ensures our clients’ stories, messages, and value propositions are told clearly, effectively, and in a compelling way.