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My ‘Baby’ is 21

My baby is 21 today and now “legal” in all 50 states! Where did the time go? I have no idea; the last 21 years seems to have just flown by.

As you read this, I know many of you are thinking: “I didn’t know she had children.” You’re right. My baby is my agency – Goldman Communications Group! And after a long – I think it was about 9 months of gestation (and planning) –  I birthed the agency on a hot July day, 21 years ago.
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A New Year’s Resolution To Keep

It’s a new year… a time for new beginnings and to set new goals for ourselves and our businesses to achieve. Countless new year’s resolutions have been made and, by now, many have already been broken. (A key reason why I didn’t even pretend to resolve to exercise more and eat better again this year.) The one resolution I did make – and will keep – though is to protect myself and my business better. It is what we’re committed to making sure our clients do, as well.

In today’s 2/47 digital world where everyone has an online platform and audience, every business must have a solid, approved, and ready-to-go crisis communications plan before a potential crisis hits.


The plan should seek to contain and minimize the damage and control the message before someone else (or the crisis itself) controls it.
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Sherry Goldman Shares Reputation Management Tips on ‘Cash Out Big’ Podcast

Building a ‘presence’ for your company is key to attracting clients and influencers; it’s also key to attracting buyers if you’re in the market to sell your business. But many small business owners are guilty of keeping their business a secret, or of merging their business and personal reputations, or both.  How can you separate the two?


Sherry Goldman recently sat down with Nina Kaufman, host of the popular business podcast Cash Out Big to discuss how business owners can build an identity and presence for their business that is separate and distinct from their own personal identity and reputation.
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It was the Summer of ’96

It was the summer of 1996 — the Summer Olympics were held in Atlanta, Independence Day and Twister were box office blockbusters, the song Macarena dominated the airwaves — and on a sunny hot July day, Goldman Communications Group opened its doors!
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Goldman Communications Group Wins Silver Anvil Award for Crisis Communications

Sherry GoldmanGoldman Communications Group was awarded the prestigious Silver Anvil Award by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) for its work with the Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE). The Silver Anvil award recognizes outstanding achievement in strategic public relations planning and implementation. Goldman Communications Group and the WGAE won the Silver Anvil for Outstanding Crisis Communications. Sherry Goldman accepted the award at the annual awards ceremony held at the Equitable Center in New York City.
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Gorkana Meets Sherry Goldman

sherrygoldman_smallerSherry Goldman loves networking and giving back to our industry. She frequently speaks at industry conferences, including the Public Relations Society of America’s annual International Conference. Gorkana caught up with her at a conference in Philadelphia and did this fun profile.


Crisis Insurance Is About The Plan

One of the first things business owners are told to do when they start a business is get all the necessary insurance: health insurance, business insurance, liability insurance, workers comp, etc. While they moan every time there’s a premium bill to pay and can think of countless better ways to spend that money, it’s a necessary evil; it can be a lifesaver if the unexpected happens.


Public relations counselors need to make sure our clients have another kind of insurance they can tap immediately for unexpected situations that can destroy the businesses and reputations they have worked so hard to build – a good crisis communications plan.
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